A Wild Wednesday of Wildlife


Nathan Krohn, UnCruise Adventures, Safari Endeavour

I swung out of the skiff and splashed my feet into the sand.

We had arrived at Puerto Los Gatos and I was eager to start my first desert hike of the week.

We walked along the white sand beach before heading up into the red rocks that looked like hardened lava with its fluid-like shapes.

Red Rocks in Mexico

We climbed higher and higher until we reached the top where amazing views of the Safari Endeavour and the surrounding islands awaited us.

End of hikes views in Mexico

As we were snapping pictures of the beauty around us our guide Mike abruptly yelled, “Whale Shark!”

My eyes followed his pointing finger all the way down to the reef below and sure enough, there was a lone whale shark swimming around.

Mike picked up his radio to share his discovery with the rest of the crew and before we knew it there were two skiffs headed our way, one with a group already dressed in snorkel gear.

Skiffs heading to see the whale shark

Before hopping into the water, the group yelled up to us in unison, “Thank you!”

Back on the Safari Endeavour for lunch, we were finishing up another delicious meal and talking about how lucky we were to have spotted a whale shark when across the dining room, I noticed some fellow passengers standing up and looking at something out the window.

We couldn’t see exactly what was out there, but far in the distance there was a lot of splashing. Just at that moment, the boat turned and we began heading in that direction.

Needless to say lunch ended early as I ran to grab my camera and prepare for whatever we were about to see.

It took about 10 minutes for us to get close enough to realize what we were seeing and before we knew it, we were directly in the middle of a super pod of dolphins.

One of our guides estimated the pod to be about 500 dolphins. That sounded about right as there were dolphins surrounding us as far as the eye could see in every direction.

Super pod of dolphins in Mexico

The best part was spotting the tiny baby dolphins swimming alongside their families.

Eventually, we parted ways with the pod and I thought to myself, “Wow. We’ve see a lot today.”

However, the day was about to go from great to amazing.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cruising for critters and after getting up close with a few humpback whales, we found ourselves next to something even bigger.

As the sun was beginning to set, there was an announcement that we had found another whale… several of them.

Then only a minute later, our marine biology theme host Bruce came on the speaker and yelled excitedly, “Fin whales! They’re fin whales!

Fin Whale Mexico

As one might expect, spotting the second largest animal on the planet is not an everyday occurrence. And we had spotted three!

Bruce told us all about fin whales- how to spot them, what they eat and how they communicate with each other.

Sunset in Baja

We watched the whales until the sun set and it was too dark to see.

I didn’t think it was possible to see so much in one day.

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