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A Window on a Hawaii Un-Cruise Adventure


The 36-guest Safari Explorer is now sailing weekly Luxury Adventures among the Hawaiian Islands. Our Hawaiian Seascapes cruise sails between Hawaii, the Big Island and Lana'i (and reverse). This is the second season for the yacht in Hawaii, and we'd like to show you in photos why we think Hawaii is a perfect place to experience an Un-Cruise Adventure.

Safari Explorer

A spinner dolphin leaps beside the yacht

Seeing Hawaii from the water gives you a whole new perspective on the islands. Travel comfortably between islands and enjoy the yacht's full menu of water sports activities along the way.

What kind of adventures will you have with us? Take a peek here at what you'll see with us in the water.


Night snorkeling with Manta rays

For many guests, an exciting night snorkel with Giant Pacific Manta rays is a favorite excursion. After dinner one evening, guests don wetsuits and snorkels for a nighttime tour off the Big Island. A short skiff ride takes you to a known feeding ground for Mantas. Lights placed far beneath the water attract microscopic plankton which is yummy in the tummy for Mantas. In the water, guests hold onto lighted paddle boards as they float around looking for the Mantas zooming around, huge mouths agape, swallowing up their fill of plankton. It's a total thrill to be in the water with these gentle, but ENORMOUS, creatures.

Sea turtle

Swim with sea turtles

Snorkeling in Hawaiian waters is a real treat. The water is warm enough to be comfortable and you never know who you might meet. We often see sea turtles--both from the skiff and on snorkeling adventures. In Hawaii, they are called Honu, and it's a serene experience to float nearby these sea creatures in their natural habitat.

Whale shark

A snorkeler enjoys a close encounter with a whale shark

On a recent trip, guests snorkeling off shark fin rock were pleasantly surprised to be sharing the crystal clear waters with gentle whale sharks. These huge fish are filter-feeding sharks that live in the open ocean with a lifespan of 70 years. The largest whale shark recorded was 41.50 feet long and more than 47,000 pounds. Don't worry though, they will not eat you! They prefer plankton.

spinner dolphins

Spinner dolphins

Hawaiian waters are rich in marine life. You'll see many dolphins from the yacht, on skiff rides and often times while you are swimming or snorkeling. The spinner dolphins are a treat to watch with their twirling, spinning antics. This is natural entertainment at sea. You'll also spend time searching for humpback whales in the Humpback National Marine Sanctuary where the whales come to breed, calve and nurse before heading back to Alaska where they feed during the summer months.

Stay tuned for more photos and stories from the Safari Explorer's adventures in Hawaii. The yacht will be there until April---still time for you to join us!

Looking forward to next winter, we'll add an expedition boat, the 76-guest Wilderness Explorer, to Hawaii for weeklong Active Adventures. An AdventureBound Hawaii cruise will sail between Oahu and Hawaii, the Big Island. Aloha and hope to see you in the islands!

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