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Yes Bay Kayaking


By Manuel Hernandez, Steward, Wilderness Adventurer, Alaska

An Alaskan adventure of a lifetime…three weeks in. Two months ago, I finished my college career. This afternoon after a long day of work, I was kayaking in beautiful Yes Bay.

Manuel Hernandez

Manuel Hernandez, steward on the Wilderness Adventurer, enjoys kayaking during a break from on board work.

An amazing day surrounded by mountains, trees and even a babbling brook. It was an incredible experience to explore the waterways on my break and be refreshed for the rest of the day of work.

Stewards out for a paddle in Yes Bay: Hannah, Nikki and Manuel

Passing by the forest, I spotted a mink near the edge of the water. I also saw some uprooted trees in the water that had been transformed by a colony of mussels and seaweed.

Nikki and Hannah in a double kayak enjoying an afternoon of fun on the water

I will never forget that kayaking excursion—up close to real, untouched nature. Working as a steward on the Wilderness Adventurer has been an incredible opportunity, and I can’t wait for the rest of the adventure to continue!

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