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Costa Rica's Creations

Dec 21, 2017
Category: Wildlife Activities Costa Rica and Panama 

Erika Hernandez, Expedition Guide, Safari Voyager The morning was grey and gloomy but the warm tropical air felt good. The rains are heavy and non-stop in the rainforest sometimes, and this day was the perfect example. I was excited about our hike at Ca…
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Category: Alaska Safari Endeavour Whales Wildlife 

Crew, Safari Endeavour

It always starts as a secret. We’re still several miles away and there’s no guarantee that wild animals will stay still. You’ll find the first whisperings on the bridge where guides and officers on watch have been sitting with bino…
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Adventure in Tow

Dec 01, 2017
Category: Alaska Columbia and Snake Rivers 

Nathan Krohn, UnCruise Adventures

Grab the kayaks, paddleboards and skiffs… We’re going on an adventure! If you haven’t already heard, the S.S Legacy is returning to Alaska in spring 2018 and will be stocked with kayaks, paddleboards and skiffs, ready to…
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What is Bushwhacking?

Oct 12, 2017
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Category: Alaska Safari Endeavour Activities 

Diana Sciambi, Expedition Guide, Safari Endeavour

I know what it’s supposed to be… a hike through the woods. I understand the idea, “A challenging, non-trail hike through (sometimes dense) foliage.” This is how it is pitched. But in reality it isn’t like th…
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Beautiful Beast

Oct 09, 2017
Category: Alaska Safari Endeavour Wildlife 

Taylor Loyden, Expedition Guide, Safari Endeavour

It’s early Monday morning and the Safari Endeavor cruises into the Tracy Arm Fjord wilderness as ice gently floats by. Guests awaken from their cabins and sip coffee as the ship transits the 32-mile fjord …
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