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Lucy Marcus, Expedition Guide, Wilderness Adventurer

Each of us neoprene clad snorkelers slipped our finned feet over the edge of the skiff and plunged into the cold Alaskan waters. Scooting along the bottom, between blades of kelp, seven inch crabs sh…
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Katherine Mena, Expedition Leader, Safari Voyager

It’s a lovely morning, just like all mornings in the tropics. A little overcast but that is actually fantastic because today we are facing the Cross Hill hike at Taboga Island. Taboga Island is a little v…
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Jungle Acrobatics

Apr 04, 2018
Category: Wildlife Safari Voyager Costa Rica and Panama 

Gabriel Ortiz, Expedition Guide, Safari Voyager

This afternoon we hit the right tides to make it to Agujitas River at Drakes Bay. The bay is located near the Osa Peninsula, which is the most biological intense life zone in Costa Rica and it provides visi…
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Wondrous Rain

Apr 02, 2018
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Category: Alaska Wilderness Explorer Activities 

Emily, Crew, Wilderness Explorer Water. After two remarkable weeks of salubrious sunshine, the rain is back—and in full force. Its return feels at once both inconvenient and familiar. We love the sunshine. It feels playful and easy, and lets us avoid da…
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Nathan Krohn, UnCruise Adventures

You asked for it and now we’re offering it. For those not interested in getting up close with nature and wildlife, or spending the week in the remote wilderness of Alaska, we have the cruise for you! The new itinerary…
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