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Young Forever

Mar 29, 2018
Category: Alaska Wilderness Adventurer 

Jess Skiba, Expedition Guide, Wilderness Adventurer

Never grow up. In Southeast Alaska we wake up every day ready to get outside and explore. Our minds are like infants; ready to absorb sights, sounds and smells much like sphagnum moss absorbs water in t…
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Category: Alaska Wilderness Adventurer Wildlife Activities 

Sara Martin, Expedition Guide, Wilderness Adventurer

Here in Alaska, winter seems to have an inexorable pull. There are mountains which have never been bare of snow, and for the past few weeks there has been new snow visible as once-bare peaks emerge fro…
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Tags : Fall, Foliage
Nathan Krohn, UnCruise Adventures

You may have already heard that the S.S. Legacy has a new partner in crime. The newly dubbed, “Sea Dragon” is nearing completion with our friends at Armstrong Marine and will head up to Alaska before returning to the Colu…
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Category: Alaska Safari Endeavour Cuisine 

Sam Spiva, UnCruise Corporate Chef

Serving delicious meals on all of our ships is a big deal for us. Whenever possible, our ingredients are sourced locally for freshness and regional authenticity, as well as to support the communities where we travel. …
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Category: Alaska Wilderness Explorer Theme cruises 

David W. Shaw, Photography Theme Host, Wilderness Explorer

First, a disclaimer: when it comes to photography, I am not a gear snob. The photographer behind the camera is a far more important part of the final image than the camera itself. There are incre…
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