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Elisabeth Brentano, UnCruise Contributor

On our first day off the coast of Baja California Sur, there was a “Snorkel 101” activity led by one of our guides, which proved to be the perfect way to reacquaint myself with the ocean. Jeremy went over the bas…
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Category: Alaska Wilderness Adventurer Cuisine 

Dawn Paley, Expedition Guide, Wilderness Adventurer

This week’s favorite cocktail from our guests is The Alaskan Plunge, created by our bartender, Karen. It's a sure fire way to relax after a long, hard day of bushwhacking!
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The Wildfire Cocktail

Jan 18, 2018
Category: Alaska Wilderness Explorer 

Becca Maxey, Wilderness Explorer

This was the week of the company competition for best original cocktail. In our humble opinion, our hotel manager has created the best one. It's a cocktail that's deliciously fiery. Here how to make the Wildfire cockta…
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What is Alaska?

Jan 17, 2018
Category: Alaska Safari Endeavour Wildlife 

JP Wickham, Expedition Guide, Safari Endeavour

What is Alaska, really? After four seasons here, I find myself grappling with this question once more. What is it, beyond answers factual, pithy, or glib? Alaska is a place where the tidal wave of civiliza…
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Tags : bears, fish, mountains
Hannah Hindley, UnCruise Expedition Guide

We sat down with seasoned UnCruise Expedition Guide Hannah Hindley and asked her what it’s like to adventure with UnCruise, why it’s the best way to explore and about some of her favorite memories from out in the …
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