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A Salute to Liz

Jun 29, 2017
Category: Alaska Safari Endeavour 

Tyler Stern, Expedition Guide, Safari Endeavour

There are many people working behind the scenes aboard the Safari Endeavor that are responsible for ensuring your trip is an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. Let me tell you about one such person. Her na…
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Tags : Crew, deckhand
Category: Alaska Whales Safari Quest Wildlife 

Crew, Safari Quest

After a wild day at the glacier, we headed out into a body of water called Frederick Sound.It is here where multiple channels and straits converge, creating a confluence of nutrients and a boom of growth from the base of the ocean food ch…
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Nathan Krohn, UnCruise Adventures, Safari Endeavour

I swung out of the skiff and splashed my feet into the sand. We had arrived at Puerto Los Gatos and I was eager to start m first desert hike of the week. We walked along the white sand beach before head…
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Pele's Punch

Jun 26, 2017
Category: Safari Explorer Hawaiian Islands 

Nathan Krohn, UnCruise Adventures

It's almost here. The day we've been waiting for all year is upon us. No, I'm not talking about the Fourth of July. I'm talking about National Pineapple Day!While the holiday doesn't begin until tomorrow (June 27) we though…
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White Thunder

Jun 23, 2017
Category: Alaska Safari Quest Activities 

Dai Mar Tamarack, Expedition Leader, Safari Quest

This week Dawes Glacier gave us an amazing show. On our northbound trip from Seattle to Juneau, we were treated to some pretty spectacular calving events, capping off our incredible two week journey on th…
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