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Thumbnail for Finding Toxic Alaskan GOLD!
We found GOLD in Southeast Alaska. Did we strike it rich? Well, it depends on who you ask.
Thumbnail for Spirits and Waters
The talented and creative bartenders on the Safari Endeavour allow you to drink Alaska.
Thumbnail for Into Alaska's Wilderness on a Camping Adventure
The rainy, windy climate turned in our favor and clear blue skies announced our arrival to Saginaw Bay. I had my first opportunity to camp out in Southeast Alaska this past week.
Thumbnail for A Paddle Boarding Feat
We have 19 kids aboard this week for one of our Kids in Nature cruises and I have made it my goal for week to encourage them all to try new things. Upon boarding we learned that none of them had ever paddle boarded, so my mission for the week was to get every child out on a paddleboard.
Thumbnail for Taking the Plunge
There’s something about being aboard the Wilderness Discoverer that just pushes people to conquer old fears and try new things; every week I see crew members and guests push themselves and do things they never thought they would do, and this week it was my turn.