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Thumbnail for Polar Bear Dip
There is only one proper thing to do when the sun shines in Alaska: polar bear dip!
Thumbnail for This Is Only a Drill
Every week, we have a drill that our Chief Mate Danny plans for us. We take them very seriously. It’s an amazing opportunity to grow and learn as a team.
Thumbnail for Delectable Delights on the Wilderness Adventurer
The Wilderness Adventurer embarks on new journeys every week--even the food will leave you wanting more.
Thumbnail for Wilderness and a Recipe
This week on the Wilderness Explorer we left Sitka Saturday evening, pulled away from the dock during dinner, and motored towards the Magoun Islands-our destination for the night.
Thumbnail for The Opportunity
As Relief Steward, I’m allowed the great opportunity to live on each of the ISD boats for two weeks at a time. While their Head Steward has time off the Relief Steward steps in to support the Hotel Manager to deliver exceptional service to our guests.