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Thumbnail for Night Snorkeling with Giant Pacific Manta Rays
If someone asked you if you wanted to spend an hour in the dark holding on to a surfboard encouraging manta rays to swim within inches of you underwater, what would you say?
Thumbnail for Baja Signature Cocktails
On our adventurous vessel, I am given the freedom to pick and choose post-excursion (i.e.snorkeling, hiking, paddleboarding) beverages and “Cocktail of the Day” – a delightful happy hour concoction.
Thumbnail for The Song of the Humpback
Imagine walking down the stairs to the back deck of a boat you’ve been on for two days and hearing these miraculous sing song tunes coming out of a small speaker. The Safari Explorer carries a hydrophone, which is a microphone to be used underwater in order to hear marine mammal communications.
Thumbnail for Valentine’s Day on the Sea of Cortés
Today was a special day. Baja decided to bring us Valentine’s gifts. Just before dinner, we came upon pods of bottle-nosed dolphins—the sea was filled with them as they were playing and feeding. Shortly thereafter, we witnessed the largest whale spouting you can possibly see—from a blue whale!
Thumbnail for Mysteries of the Seas: Carnaval in La Paz
For a six-day stretch each winter, the quiet waterfront town of La Paz, Mexico, becomes a lively hub of festivities. This year’s Carnaval occurred February 7-12, 2013 and the theme was “Mysteries of the Seas.”

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