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Thumbnail for Safari Endeavour Says Hola to Mexico
The Safari Endeavour departs for Baja this weekend. She'll travel for about 11 days, without stopping, to their destination - La Paz. Nine crew will be on the boat for this trip, and the rest of the crew will meet them in La Paz. This week her entire crew is training to prepare for the Sea of Cortés Luxury Un-Cruise Adventures.
Thumbnail for We Practice Water Blasting
As part of our quest to be a responsible travel company, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to be more eco-friendly in our operations. This path leads us to water blasting (not waterboarding people!). What is water blasting? Good question. I asked the same thing.
Thumbnail for Sea Trials for the Safari Endeavour
Today the Safari Endeavour ventured out of the Fishermen's Terminal marina for a sea trial in preparation for its journey into International waters.
Thumbnail for Time Travel on the Rivers
On our last Rivers of the West trips, we stopped at the confluence of the Palouse and Snake Rivers for a side kayak exploration of the Palouse Canyon.
Thumbnail for The Whale Whisperer
Within days, the Safari Explorer embarks for Hawaii for the 2nd season of Hawaiian Islands Un-Cruise Adventures. She’ll leave her Seattle home and make way through the passages of Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca towards the open ocean. It’s roughly 2600 statute miles and 10-14 days to Kawaiihae harbor on Hawaii, the Big Island. Crew is hoping to make it in 11.

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