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Thumbnail for Shutting Down
The 2012 Southeast Alaska Un-Cruise Adventures have nearly come to a close. Our fleet is returning home, and while some boats will spend the winter parked, other boats in the fleet are being readied for other adventures.
Thumbnail for A Beary Good Time at Anan Creek
We traveled for about an hour by small boat to Anan Creek Wildlife, forest-filled landscapes becoming the backdrop to the beginning of our adventure. Cruising through the waters we anticipated the bears we would encounter and have the opportunity to observe in their natural habitat. 
Thumbnail for Marine Fireworks Welcome Home the Wilderness Explorer
Beautiful sunshine welcomed us back into the US today. We embraced the cloudless skies and warm breeze and explored the island by land and by sea. It was very nice to get out and stretch our muscles after two days cruising through Canada. To keep the goodness going, we went ashore for happy hour and enjoyed the evening light.
Thumbnail for Bubblenet Feeding Up Close
Reports from the boats indicate it's been a crazy good summer for seeing humpback whales bubblenet feeding. Many guests aboard our small yachts and expedition vessels in Southeast Alaska have been lucky to see this feeding phenomenon.
Thumbnail for Shapeshifting Kushtaka Cream Pie
On our Eastern Coves itinerary, the Wilderness Discoverer spends a day or two in Thomas Bay. It is a place of devastating beauty with glaciers accessible by foot, eerie fog that arrives and dissipates without warning, breathtaking kayak opportunities, and stunning hikes past cascading rivers.

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