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Thumbnail for Orca Sighting in Lynn Canal
I could feel the tingly haze that engulfs the mind and body just before sleep wrapping itself around me. I welcomed the sleep.  A muffled knock at the door. My roommate shuffled to answer. I heard her say something to me. “What was that?” I mumbled as I pulled the music from my ears.  “Orcas.”
Thumbnail for Beachcombing the Keku Islands
This week, the Safari Explorer took advantage of an extremely low tide to prowl the shorelines in Frederick Sound in search of intertidal animal life. While Southeast Alaska experiences two low tides a day, the lowest of the low tides are reserved for the days immediately around the new and full moon. For a few short hours, marine creatures like anemones and starfish, who may only be out of the water only two or three times every month, are visible to anyone who’s willing to do a bit of scrambling among the rocks to reach them.
Thumbnail for Gotta-See-'Em Glaciers
A visit to Southeast Alaska isn’t fully complete without an encounter with one of thousands of glaciers snaking their way down mountains, through valleys, and sometimes all the way to the ocean.  
Thumbnail for Bear Brawl on Baranof
This week we made a stop on Baranof Island to check out a little creek that I thought might have some salmon in it. Turns out the coho, or silver salmon were returning to the stream in droves. And luckily enough we weren’t the only ones to be drawn to this stream…brown bears were also there.
Thumbnail for Snorkeling in Alaska
When you think of snorkeling, most folks envision sandy beaches, warm tropical waters, and bikini clad bodies freshly tanned (or burned) by the sun.