Alaska Awakening!

My favorite time of year. That’s how many feel about April and May. Alaska awakens from its winter slumber—and there is a lot more to see (bears, northern lights, budding forests, migrating grey whales and birds, snowcapped mountains, raging waterfalls, and more sunshine). The early bird catches the worm, so they say.

April & May—chock-full of extras

Depending on the itinerary and springtime departure date, there are hikes near Juneau with UnCruise CEO and Alaskaphile Captain Dan Blanchard, and opportunities to cruise with notable Insiders. It’s all in addition to our usual adventure activities (kayaking, snorkeling, skiff rides, and hiking).

Insiders, good at their game

Spend a bit of quality time with experts who have firsthand, boots-on-the-ground experience—either with Alaska, the wilderness, or they shine in another special area. Joining you (for part or all of your adventure), they share their insights and stories:

* UnCruise will adopt an orca on your behalf (one adoption per cabin).