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Columbia & Snake Rivers Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for answers to some commonly asked questions about traveling with us, check out our General FAQs


Q. Do you have specific arrival and departure guidelines I should follow when making my travel plans?
Yes! View our recommended arrival & departure times.


Q. Will we learn about the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
Yes, these cruises cover some of the same territory Lewis and Clark traversed. Your guides will share their knowledge of the area’s history, including the Corps of Discovery, with you during your adventure.


Q. Many places on these itineraries are accessible by car. Why cruise?
The experience of actually traveling on the rivers is unparalleled. First, you’ll get a better understanding of the power and influence that this huge river basin has had throughout history and today. Secondly, the hassle-free travel experience (no need to unpack/repack each day for a new hotel), good company, expert guides, and well-planned excursions all come together to make it easy, fun, adventure-filled, and intellectually rewarding. It would be almost impossible to get all this from either independent or group land travel.


Q. Which winery or wineries and tasting rooms will we visit?
Our small group size allows us to work closely with exclusive boutique wineries to make each visit very special. Who we visit varies from week-to-week, and sometimes a local wine maker may step on board to say hello. Our Rivers of Wine & Culinary itinerary visits the most wineries and tasting rooms.