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Exploration of Darwin's discoveries in the Galapagos Islands

Ecuador welcomes with Spanish colonial architecture, though chances are you’re here for the wildlife. Get in a snorkel with green sea turtles or a guided amble past blue-footed boobies, flamingos, penguins, and iguanas. Darwin’s famed giant tortoises watch over their natural habitat reminding you that this is an ancient world—for you to explore.

...it was beyond awesome! Oh my, it was incredible, a for-sure bucket list trip.
— Sandy S., Dayton, OH (Galapagos 2016)
Photo of a topographical map and a navigational compass


Do it right! Darwin’s Discoveries goes from Guayaquil to seven islands of the Galapagos, boutique yacht style.

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Glass-bottom boats and beachcombing. Kayaking and snorkeling with marine life. Adventures in Galapagos are active and inspiring.

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With such a far-flung destination, there’s bound to be questions.  No need to worry—here are your answers on all things Galapagos.

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Male marine iguanas display bright colors during the mating season (Galapagos animals images). Photo: Michel Verdure

Galapagos Wildlife

It’s why you came and better than you imagined. Check off animals from your Galapagos bucket list, and a few you’ve never even heard of.

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Life On Board

Floor-to-ceiling windows in La Pinta’s lounge flaunt the ultimate view. The perfect complement to the hot tub and outdoor sky bar.

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Photo of a pair of Magnificent Frigatebirds seen by UnCruise Adventures guests in the Galapagos Islands

Closer. Bigger. Bolder: Wildlife in the Galapagos

Watch your step. Wildlife in the Galapagos isn’t afraid to walk—or lie—around.

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Seasonal Variations

With the Galapagos Islands middle-of-the-earth location, temperatures stay consistent month-to-month, making these islands a great warm weather destination at any time.

There is some variation in the two seasons. December to June is warmest and with the most rainfall in short, daily showers concentrated in upper elevations. July to November is the Garúa season—named for a mist that forms in the highlands, providing moisture but not much rain. Lucky for you, the giant tortoises roam about year round. See when your favorite animals are mating and nesting and pick the departure that matches your must-sees.

Bird Island

The Bird Island

We hopped on to the panga boat and pushed off from the La Pinta. Our driver hummed a tune as we zoomed to the picturesque Isla Genovesa...
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Galapagos Image Gallery

View our images & get inspired to visit Galapagos on an adventure cruise!

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Going. Going. Galapagos!

Going. Going. Galapagos! 

We were walking in the highlands of San Cristobal Island for less than 15 minutes when we heard the definitive call of the elusive mockingbird...
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