Exploration of Ecuador's historic Quito and cruise in the Galápagos Islands

"…it was beyond awesome! Oh, my it was incredible, a for sure bucket list trip."
— Sandy S., Dayton, OH (Galápagos)

Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore Quito’s Old Town then head to the Galápagos. Arguably the world’s most iconic marine habitat, this unspoiled archipelago is filled with exquisite creatures—giant tortoises, penguins, boobies, Darwin’s finches, Waved Albatross, and rowdy sea lions. Kayak, snorkel, hike, discover the unexpected as Charles Darwin did in 1835.

Adventure Cruise

Darwin's Islands & Colonial Quito

From: $8,545



Roundtrip Quito, Ecuador

La Pinta

February-June 2018

Land Packages / Extend Your Trip

You’ve traveled so far, take it all in—the Amazon basin, Native cultures, exotic wildlife; Incan ruins, Peruvian culture, Machu Picchu. We’ve put together the land packages—see what’s on your bucket list.

Seasonal Variations

The seasons don’t change drastically in the Galápagos, and when it comes to wildlife, it’s spectacular any time.

Whether drawn to the islands by prolific bird species, marine life, or landscapes, this chart will help you gauge what discoveries you may make.

Adventure Activities

Dive into the past visiting pre-Columbian sites. Hike along an island cliffside passing bustling bird nests. See the celebrated tortoise in its highland habitat.

Each day will be stunning, and full of adventure. Here are a few of the many ways you’ll explore.

Wildlife & Plant Life

Lava lizards doing push-ups. Graceful, observant tortoises. High-stepping blue-footed boobies. Raucous sea lions.

What might walk, literally, across your path—unafraid of humans and busy with their day? Here are likely suspects, both flora and fauna.