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UnCruise guest paddle boarding in the Galapagos, on the other side of a spit from La Pinta

UnCruise guests hiking near blue-footed boobies in the Galapagos

Galapagos Cruise Activities

The Galapagos have been a favorite hideout for pirates; a rest stop for whalers and explorers; and the renowned location of Darwin’s 1830s expedition that resulted in his theory of evolution. Find rare creatures and a remarkable past on seven unique islands, venturing forth by paddle, glass-bottom boat, and your own two feet. Our inclusive Galapagos cruises feature these activities at no extra charge. 


Marine iguanas, which are endemic to the Galapagos Islands (photo by Shawn Parker)

Exotic Encounters

Each island stop brings new endemic species (such as Darwin’s finches)—creatures found nowhere else on the planet. What’s more, in their isolated territories with few major predators, animals never developed a fear of humans. Tiny Galapagos penguins gather en masse, giant tortoises and land iguanas (slowly) cross your path, and blue-footed boobies perform an elaborate mating ritual right before your eyes.

A young UnCruise guest snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands


The waters around the Galapagos are warm and inviting. Grab a mask, fins, a wetsuit, and a snorkel—La Pinta is well stocked!—to discover the marine life waiting in secluded coves. Glide among green sea turtles. Slip under the surface from a white sandy beach to find bright parrotfish, spotted pufferfish, and damselfish.

UnCruise guests watching dolphins on a skiff tour

Explorations by Boat

Sturdy, nimble, motorized panga boats take you from ship to shore in a flash. Ride a skiff for a guided exploration of geological formations along a rocky coast or native seabirds nesting in the cliffs. Settle in a comfortable, covered glass-bottom boat for an extra-close encounter with a whale or a pod of dolphins.


UnCruise guests paddle a sit-on-top kayak in the Galapagos

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

The quiet rhythms of your paddle entering and exiting the water are the perfect accompaniment to personal discoveries. Ride a sit-on-top kayak through a surreal landscape of eroded tuff cones on Isla Isabela; wind your way through Isla Floreana’s volcanic channels. And try your hand at paddle boarding while friendly sea lions crisscross in front of you.

UnCruise guests walking the red sand beach on Isla Rabida, with La Pinta in the background

Dig into a Volcanic Past

A volcanic hotspot formed these remote islands millions of years ago, and signs of their fiery origins are everywhere. Explore inside lava tubes on Isla Santa Cruz. Look for petrified rain—bits of lava that cooled quickly after contacting water—on Isla Isabela. On Isla Rabida, crater slopes drop down to a maroon beach, its sands colored red by the iron from old lava flows.

A certified guide accompanies a small group of UnCruise guests through giant tortoise habitat on Isla Santa Cruz

Guided Hikes

Certified guides deepen your experience of each distinct island, leading groups of twelve. Learn about critical conservation programs at the Charles Darwin Research Center, then walk with the giant tortoises in Santa Cruz’s forested highlands. Hike Cerro Dragon or Baroness Viewpoint for panoramic views of the surrounding islands. Stroll a green olivine beach to a secluded flamingo hideout.

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