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Hawaii Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for answers to some commonly asked questions about traveling with us, check out our General FAQs


Q. Do you have specific arrival and departure guidelines I should follow when making my travel plans?
Yes! View our recommended arrival & departure times here.


Q. Are there wetsuits on board for snorkeling?
Because the average ocean temperatures are typically mid-70’s to 80’s during the fall/winter months, we do not have wetsuits on board. However, you are welcome to bring your own. Wetsuits are provided by a local vendor only for our night snorkel with Giant Pacific Manta rays.

Q. While cruising the coast of the Big Island, will we see lava flows?
While it is unlikely we will see lava flowing in the areas where we cruise, Pele, the revered goddess of fire, has an unpredictable and impulsive nature. We do not cruise the eastern side of the island, where the 2018 volcanic activity was centered. 


Q. What is the attire in Hawaii? Can we wear our bathing suits in the dining room? Should we pack anything formal for the special cultural events?
Like all UnCruise adventures, the attire is very casual throughout the entire cruise. As there will be a variety of water sports available throughout the cruise, it is fine to wear your swimsuit in the dining room with an appropriate cover-up. No formal wear is required at any time.

Get more packing suggestions on our packing list.


Q. I am prone to seasickness. How rough will the cruise be?
We will be cruising on the leeward (west and south) side of the islands where it is generally calmer (trade winds and rougher water tends to be on the windward—east and north—sides of each island). Seasickness medication is kept on board all of our boats, however, it is not recommended for children. If you are prone to seasickness or traveling with children, you should consult your physician prior to your departure. The captain will update you when there might be extra motion so you can take the medication in enough time to be effective.


Q. I am extending my vacation and staying extra days before and after the cruise. Will you pick me up from the airport and transfer me to and from my hotels?
If your pre-/post-cruise hotel stopovers have been arranged through UnCruise Adventures, then yes, airport transfers are included. Otherwise, airport transfers are on your own. Guidelines for meeting us at our hospitality suite on the day of embarkation will be provided in your Final Travel Details.


Q. Will we encounter mosquitoes while on the cruise?
Mosquitoes can be more prevalent during the wet, winter months in dense, wooded areas. It won’t be a problem while on the boat. However, insect repellent is recommended prior to hiking on some of the islands.