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UnCruise guests swimming off the coast of Panama

Latin America Cruise Activities

Tropical rainforests. Biodiverse jungles. Tangled mangroves. When you're traveling in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Belize, and Guatemala, it’s all lush. Trek and paddle under the watchful eyes of macaws while howler monkeys do acrobatics in the treetops and reef fish swim alongside you. Our inclusive Latin America cruises feature these activities at no extra charge. With options to suit every speed, daily adventures combine active excursions and time to blend in with the “locals” and be a little sloth-like.


UnCruise guests walking through the Casa Orquideas Botanical Garden on the Osa Peninsula

Hike Tropical Treasures

Step into another world. Expert guides introduce small groups to historic forts, verdant jungles, protected botanical preserves, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Follow their lead and walk softly, spotting the bright flash of a macaw or hearing the loud call of a howler monkey. No matter your fitness level, we have the hike for you—and hiking poles if you need them.

An UnCruise group riding a skiff through mangroves in Costa Rica

Ride Skiffs

Inflatable skiffs can take you on a quick shuttle ashore or on a two-hour exploration. Go birdwatching at an island sanctuary. Spot rare fauna and flora in mangroves or glide up Guatemala's Rio Dulce. It's a fun and easy way to see wild places. Just grab your camera and binoculars and settle in for the ride. 

UnCruise guests dance with Emberá villagers who live in the Darien Jungle

Meet Indigenous People

Board a motorized canoe on the Mogue River to head deep into the Darien Jungle. With drums and clapping, Emberá villagers welcome you to their home on Panama’s remote western coast. Visitors to the Caribbean side stop in the Guna Yala, formerly the San Blas Islands, to learn about the culture of the Guna people, one of the best-preserved indigenous cultures in the Americas.


An UnCruise guest snorkeling in the Guna Yala Islands

Snorkeling & Swimming

Dip in Latin America’s exceptional swimming and snorkeling spots: the crystalline waters around the Guna Yala Islands; the Pearl Islands Archipelago, almost entirely uninhabited by humans; and the tropical paradise that is the Belize Barrier Reef. Swim with sea turtles along the Caribbean coast. Never snorkeled before? Your guides help you get fitted so you feel ready to give it a go.

Monkeys seen by UnCruise guests in the Curu National Wildlife Refuge

Wildlife Watching

Local guides take you into the wild to encounter tropical birds and land animals on their own turf. Explore Belize’s Payne’s Creek mangroves, eyes peeled for manatee and crocodiles, toucans and macaws. Catch a family of monkeys at play in the green canopy on the Osa Peninsula. Add the resplendent quetzal and roseate spoonbill to your birding list on a hike through the Darien Jungle.

An UnCruise guest birdingwatching from a kayak on the Rio Agujitas

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

Paddling is the perfect way to nestle in the ebb and flow of life on the water. Wind through the mangroves of Golfo Dulce, the “sweet gulf,” on a sit-on-top tandem kayak, or explore the rocky outcroppings of Granito de Oro islet, part of Coiba National Park. Open or guided, most outings last from one to four hours. First time on a paddle board? Try it when conditions are mellow and the water is smooth.

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