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Latin America Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for answers to some commonly asked questions about traveling with us, check out our General FAQs


Q. Do you have specific arrival and departure guidelines I should follow when making my travel plans?
Yes! View our recommended arrival & departure times here.


Q. How physically active are the itineraries?
The activity level can be as active or relaxed as you like. There are opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and nature walks. It is your choice whether to participate in the activities, just relax on the beach, or kickback on board with a book and a tropical drink. However you choose to spend your free time, keep in mind that Latin America is hot and humid so—you'll want to hydrate well during all activities.

Q. What adventure gear is provided on these itineraries?
Kayaks, paddle boards, and adult sized snorkeling gear (fins/masks/snorkels) are available on board.

Q. Can I scuba dive?
Sorry, scuba diving is not permitted from the ship.

Q. How much walking is involved?
These cruises are best enjoyed if you are in good health, fit, and able to enjoy comfortably paced, moderate walks over some uneven terrain and on paths and trails, which can be wet, muddy and slippery. But no worries if you’re not an avid hiker. Hikes vary in length from leisurely strolls to 1- to 2-hour-long walks up stair paths in the jungle.

Q. Will we encounter mosquitoes while on the cruise?
Fair warning, mosquitoes are present all year long in tropical climates, especially in dense, wooded areas. It won’t be a problem while on the boat but insect repellent and long sleeve shirts/pants with insect-protecting fabric or coatings are a must for all of our rainforest hikes.


Q. What kind of footwear should I pack?
Choice of footwear is very important in Latin America. Trail conditions can be rugged on hikes (expect roots, rocks, prickly fauna, mud, etc.) and there is always potential to cross paths with a snake. You’ll want fully-enclosed, sturdy hiking shoes with good tread. On some trails, they are required. Bring breathable and/or waterproof hiking shoes—either low-hikers or with full ankle support, as is your preference. You’ll want waterproof shoes, sandals, or reef shoes with good traction for wet landings and kayaking (or sneakers if you don’t mind getting them wet). Sandals or shoes with a no-slip sole are excellent for walking on deck. For travel during the green season, May-November, rubber boots are good for muddy trails.

Get more packing suggestions on our packing list.


Q. What kind of payments do you accept in Latin America?
The only forms of payment for onboard purchases such as gear and gratuities are credit cards and cash (Costa Rican Colones or U.S. Dollars).

●    The currency in Belize is the Belize Dollar, but the U.S. Dollar is widely accepted

●     The currency used in Costa Rica is Colones, but the U.S. Dollar is widely accepted.

●     The currency used in Colombia is Colombian peso.

●    The currency used in Guatemala is the Quetzel, but the U.S. Dollar is accepted.

●     The currencies used in Panama are the Balboa and U.S. Dollar (the two are used interchangeably)

●     If spending time ashore before or after your cruise, use an ATM to withdraw the expected amount of local currency to be used that day and bring U.S. Dollars in small denominations ($1s, $5s, $10s, $20s).


Q. Is Colombia safe?
Cartagena, Colombia’s walled Old Town, is well patrolled and safe, as it is the main gathering area for tourists. It also is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so conservation measures of all kinds are made in this part of town. In any part of Cartagena—as with any foreign city—be observant and careful. Carry a copy of your passport rather than the passport itself, don’t carry a lot of cash, and leave credit cards in a secure place.


Q. I am prone to seasickness. How rough will the cruise be?
We cruise along ocean shores which can be rough at times. Plan ahead if you are susceptible to motion sickness.

Seasickness medication is kept on board all of our vessels, however, it is not recommended for children. If you are prone to seasickness or traveling with children, you should consult your physician prior to your departure. The captain will update you when there might be extra motion so you can take the medication in enough time to be effective.


Q. I am extending my vacation and staying extra days before and after the cruise. Will you pick me up from the airport and transfer me to and from my hotels?
If your pre-/post-cruise hotel stopovers have been arranged through UnCruise Adventures, then yes, airport transfers are included. Otherwise, airport transfers are on your own. Guidelines for meeting us at our hospitality suite on the day of embarkation will be provided in your Final Travel Details.


Q. What immunizations do I need before travel to tropical destinations?
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all visitors to Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Guatemala, and/or Colombia are up to date on vaccinations. Get specific recommendations on the CDC website: Costa Rica | Panama |  Colombia | Belize | Guatemala

* The CDC also provides updated recommendations concerning the Zika virus in destinations around the world.