Mexico’s Sea of Cortés

7-night island-hopping adventure cruise in Mexico’s Sea of Cortés

"When I got onboard I soon met many returning passengers and I quickly saw why—this is perfect! I love the flexibility of the schedule."
— Rosalie M., Cincinnati, OH (Mexico)

Steinbeck, Cousteau… now it’s your turn to explore the “world’s aquarium” in the Sea of Cortes. Greet sea lions from the boat or skiff, or slip into a wetsuit for an even closer encounter. Getting your sea legs is easy too—relax with toes in the sand, on a hike, or atop a mule through the canyons of Baja. Land and sea are a step, or kayak, away. Click here to explore the guide.

Adventure Cruise

Baja's Bounty




Roundtrip San José del Cabo, BCS

Safari Endeavour

December 2018-March 2019
December 2019-March 2020

Adventure Cruise

Baja's Bounty—Fitness & Yoga




Roundtrip San José del Cabo, BCS

Safari Endeavour

January 2019
March 2020

Land Packages / Extend Your Trip

Say more “hola’s” before saying “adios.” Enhance your Sea of Cortés island-hopping adventure with a pre- or post-cruise hotel stay in quaint San José del Cabo.

Sea of Cortes Seasonal Variations

Seasonal Variations

Baja Caramba! Marine life is swimming, birds are flying, and our vessel is sailing—it’s happening in the Sea of Cortés.

While “when to go” isn’t really an issue here, we’ve pulled together highlights of what you might expect (and when) on your Baja adventure.

Activities on a Baja Cruise

Adventure Activities

High adventure on an inland sea! Feel the thrill of active exploration or the warmth of the sand relaxing on a secluded beach.

Throughout your cruise, it’s your choice which and how many activities du jour to participate in. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll experience.

Wildlife & Plant life

Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortés “the world’s aquarium”—and you’ll quickly agree! From gracefully gliding whales to bustling bird colonies, Baja is abuzz with life.

What might you see? Living wonders, tiny and colossal, will astound you!

UnCruise in Mexico's Sea of Cortés

Whale Shark Day in Mexico

Waiting For Whale Shark Day

It was the final day of the cruise and it was the day everybody had been talking about for the entire trip. Anticipation had been contained for most of the week as our expedition leader, Jeremy told us there is a chance we might not see anything but that didn’t stop our collective excitement. It was time to swim with the whale sharks.

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Mexico's Sea of Cortés Gallery

View our images of island-hopping in the Sea of Cortés on an adventure cruise!

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Mexico Cruise Among Critters

In Mexico, a Cruise Among Critters

Our guide yelled, “In the water, now!” and 10 of us scurried to the swim platform, awkwardly duckwalking in our fins, holding masks and snorkels in place as we plunged into the dark ocean. Restless from the previous day’s weather front, the sea rolled in great swells, lifting and scattering us like bathtub toys.

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