Passports & Identification Requirements

Please submit passport and/or identification information for each traveler on our Guest Portal.

Guests need a legal government issued photo ID to board the vessel. Passport and visa requirements are dependent on your travel destinations and nationality.

Most countries require that your passport be valid 6 months beyond your arrival into that country. It is your responsibility to verify entry requirements with your consulate/embassy/state department to ensure your passport and other travel documents meet the entry requirements for the country you are traveling to. Failure to do so could result in denial of entry into that country.

U.S. Citizens or permanent U.S. residents: If traveling exclusively inside U.S. borders, a passport or visa is not required. A passport book or card is required if your vessel transits through Canadian waters. All international air travel to other UnCruise destinations, require a passport book.

Canadian Citizens or permanent Canadian residents: Passports are required to enter the U.S.

Other Nationalities: Passports are required to enter the U.S.

For travel to/through Canada: Canadian customs requires passenger identification from all foreign boats prior to entering their waterways and has strict policies regarding inadmissibility due to past criminal charges or convictions, including DUI/DWI. In these cases, additional documentation may be required from you in advance. For information, contact the Canadian Consulate or visit:

Minors (children under 18 years of age) travelling into or within Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, and/or Costa Rica, not accompanied by both parents/legal guardians, have additional entry requirements. More information, click here.


Q. What kind of ID is required?
U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents traveling exclusively inside U.S. borders do not need a passport or visa for travel. We only require a government-issued photo ID such as your driver’s license. Please note: If you are joining us for a Galapagos, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, and/or Panama cruise or if your cruise stops in Canada or passes through Canadian waters, you must have a passport book. Passport cards can not be used to gain entrance to these countries. Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada entering the U.S. are required to bring their passport.

For other nationalities, passports are required to enter the U.S. It is your responsibility to check with your local U.S. embassy/consulate to confirm visa requirements and to obtain the proper visa/U.S. alien card (green card).

Q. Why is it important that my passport remain valid 6 months after I return from my international cruise?
The U.S. government requires that your passport remains valid for 6 months after you return. The purpose of the regulation is to guarantee that you will be able to leave the country you are visiting. It also serves to make sure that your passport will be valid for travel to your next port or destination and return into your own country. For non-U.S. passport holders we recommend you check with your country’s embassy or consulate.

Q. What are your security procedures?
Your safety and security are of utmost importance to us. Upon boarding our vessels, we will check your photo ID, and positively match all pieces of luggage with individual travelers. Similar to checking in for a flight, your luggage will be subject to search as well.

For more information, visit the U.S. Department of State travel and passport website, or consult the website or offices of your consulate/embassy/state department.