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Overhead view of Palouse Falls State Park

Wine on the railing of the SS Legacy on a Rivers of Wine and Culinary cruise

Columbia & Snake Rivers Packing List

Packing Tips

Some of the most dramatic climatic variations are experienced along the Columbia & Snake Rivers between Portland, Oregon and Clarkston, Washington. The geography ranges from dry high-desert and plains to temperate rainforests. Daytime temps average between 60°-70°F, but you may experience a 20-degree shift in temperature from one day to the next up to even the high-80s. Late October-November can be cooler with evening temps dropping to the upper 30s. There is even the potential for snow in later November. Be sure to check weather reports before your trip and pack accordingly.

Every day you’ll have opportunities for explorations, whether on deck transiting locks, hiking to a high overlook, walking the paths of historic sites, rafting, or touring a winery. Keep weather and your choice of activities in mind when packing.

Review the details below while "gearing up" and download the packing list for your cruise itinerary:

Clothing & Layers

The UnCruise style is casual. That means t-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts, and jeans, khakis, skirts, or whatever is most comfortable for you. Bring clothing that layers together easily so that you can add or remove layers throughout the day as conditions change. Having several thinner layers that you can easily put on or peel off rather than one or two thick layers provides the most versatility.

Temperatures can vary dramatically on the rivers. Pack at least one pair of shorts or convertible hiking pants for possible warm weather. You'll also want a warm, hooded rain/wind jacket, fleece, or zip-up vest, and/or casual jacket. Unisex rain slickers are available on board but bring your own to guarantee the best fit. Bring a scarf and gloves for cooler days, and a brimmed hat that protects you from the sun. If your adventure is in November, check the weather forecast and pack a few warm, insulating layers like a puffy vest or jacket if there is potential for low temps and snow.


Comfortable sneakers, sturdy walking shoes, or day hikers, and a pair of warm socks are sufficient for on board and day tours to wineries. For hiking adventures, bring a pair of sturdy hiking or walking shoes with tread. Water socks or water shoes/sandals are the footwear-of-choice for kayaking, rafting, or paddle boarding.

Optional Items

Binoculars are available on board, but if you have a pair your are comfortable with, you may prefer to bring your own.

You may want to store your camera in a waterproof case and/or bring heavy-gauge resealable plastic bags as extra protection for your camera and film.

Cabin Amenities

Your cabin comes complete with two robes, hair dryer, alarm clock, umbrellas, towels and shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash.

We know you're as excited to sail as we are. Discover more about the geography and history of the rivers by pulling a few books of the shelf—here's our recommended Columbia & Snake Rivers reading list.