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Hawaiian Islands Packing List

Packing Tips

The Hawaiian Islands are a collection of diverse micro-climates. With only 2 seasons—fall (Hooilo), November-April, and summer (Kau), May-October—temperatures and weather are fairly consistent year-round. Daytime temperatures average between 74° and 78° F in fall and between 80°and 85° F in summer—though temperatures are lower at higher elevations. Evenings only drop about 10° F.

Most rain falls in the mountains and valleys on the windward (northeastern) sides of the islands creating Hawaii’s lush tropical environment. You’ll spend most of your time on the cruise on the leeward (southwest) sides of the islands. Weather is localized so if it’s raining in one spot there’s likely a sunny spot just around the coast.

Download our Hawaiian Islands packing list and review our packing notes below while gearing up...

Clothing & Layers

The UnCruise style and our dress code, including dinner, is casual. Shorts, convertible hiking pants/khakis, skirts, plus tank tops, t-shirts, and breathable long-sleeved shirts that layer easily together are acceptable at any time. Bring clothes you can relax in and also be comfortable wearing during adventures—there’ll be daily opportunities to kayak, snorkel, and explore shore side. Packing clothing that layer together will make it easy to adjust for varying conditions on the go—peel a layer off or add one on as you go. Temps can vary and it can get windy or chilly in the evenings on board, so bring one pair of jeans or long pants, and a jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt.

Bring a brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect you from the sun. Be sure to remember your swimsuit!


Water socks for snorkeling are always good. Pack a pair of water sandals like Keens or Chacos for the Halawa Valley hike and for kayaking, wet landings, etc. Comfortable sneakers, sturdy walking shoes or day hikers, and a pair of warm socks are necessary.

Optional Items

For snorkeling, the vessel is equipped with masks, fins, and snorkels. Wet suits are provided ONLY for the night snorkel with Giant Pacific Manta rays. Bring your own wet suit if you foresee needing one—and your own snorkel gear if you would be more comfortable using your own. A long-sleeve rashguard is a smart idea for sun protection while snorkeling and during other water activities.

Binoculars are provided on board, but you may be more comfortable bringing a pair that you are already familiar with.

Cabin Amenities

Your cabin is outfitted with two robes, hair dryer, alarm clock, umbrellas, towels, and shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash.

We know you're as excited to sail as we are. Discover more about the islands by pulling a few books of the shelf—here's our recommended Hawaiian Islands reading list.