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Why Us?

Define Your Un-ness

Here’s ours… [uhn-nis] To break away from the masses. Challenge. Freely used to release, exemplify, or intensify a force or quality. To engage, connect, and explore unique places, oneself, and with others on a most uncommon adventure.

Small ships, BIG adventures

A crew member shows you to your cabin. After a short time getting situated, gain your bearings with a spin around the ship before heading to the lounge for a glass of bubbly and to meet your shipmates. Once on board, transplanting yourself and settling in is a snap.

And then you’re off! Headed to where the big ships can’t go—in more ways than one. Be sure to pack a go-with-the-flow attitude. There are set itineraries, but in-the-moment decisions with Mother Nature leading the way will happen! No two UnCruise departures are ever the same, and they’re way more personable.

No matter how you travel—with a companion, family, solo, or in a group—connection, place, and adventure are at the heart of your exploration. Uncover hidden treasures, meet locals (the human, feathered, and wild-and-woolly ones), and learn while having fun. Change the way you see the world.



From mountain trails to footprints ashore, between feeding whales and fleeting krill—there’s connection. Places and adventures forever united by storytellers, fellow-travelers, and salts of the earth. It’s as old as time.



Lost then found, then lost again. And once there, it has the potential to blow you away. A realization of your significance against the scale of the place you’ve found. It’s hard to put into words, but you leave a piece of your heart.



That urge to reach beyond the norm. Explore. Trying new things that stretch the mind and body—kayak, hike, chat up locals—and lead to the most elusive discoveries and moments of excitement. Experience life on the outside.

Unparalleled Value

From your first inquiry until even after your trip and—of course—throughout the cruise itself, you’ll receive welcoming, friendly, personalized service—and a host of benefits you won’t find on most other ships. Choose to UnCruise.

Flexibility to do as much or as little as you like, on your terms, and in comfort.

Backstage pass. Small group travel puts you in on the action (not watching from afar).

Home. Boats are well-appointed and very comfortable, but you’ll quickly discover that your home-away-from-home is secondary to what’s going on around it.

Memories to last a lifetime. Be prepared for AHA! and “I-can’t-believe-I-just-did-that” moments. You’ll leave with lots of ‘em.

Connection. On a journey this intimate, you can’t help but feel connected—to the earth, to yourself, and to friends new and old.

Breezy. From transfers and baggage handling, to cruise cabins and pre- and post-cruise extensions, you’re taken care of.

Zero hidden costs. What most defines your trip is included in every fare—excursions, hand-crafted cuisine, and a wide array of beverage options... including alcohol.

Welcome to the family. Through our Endless Discoveries alumni program, you receive loyalty savings on future cruises, referral incentives (for you AND your friends), exclusive offers, and more.

How Do You Choose to UnCruise?



It's all about the many ways you can play, and we like to do that in a variety of destinations. Our boutique yachts and expedition vessels are ready for action—kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, snorkeling, skiff excursions, and cultural encounters top the agenda.

Learn more about adventure travel

Group Travel

For groups of family, lifelong friends, or travelers who share a common interest or mission—whether it be an affinity group or a corporate team, we offer a full-service platform. You’ll explore, laugh, connect, celebrate milestone events, and make lifelong memories.

Learn about private group travel


Cruise along the riverbank exploring the region's history, ports, and scenery. On our generously inclusive river cruises, enjoy included premium excursions ashore to museums, and wineries; and fascinating people, places and presentations.

​Learn about river cruises

Private Charters

With a private charter, it’s all about you! Let us take care of all the details—activities, amenities, provisions, and onboard crew. And there’s a full-service platform to meet your needs. The benefits are unparalleled. Unplug and engage on a trip of a lifetime.

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Bring the whole family and share a journey across generations—we welcome kids from age 8 to 98 (and beyond!). On our adventure and river cruises, a unique smorgasbord of activities presents opportunities for building family bonds and creating lifelong memories.

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By Land and Sea

Small ship cruising and land travel are a perfect marriage. Complete your cruise experience with a fully-escorted multi-night tour to your destination’s heartland or an extended stay in port for the ultimate vacation. We’ve got some goodies you can choose from!

Learn about cruise extensions
"Everything was awesome! Best crew, best views, best adventure. I'm gonna miss this vacation!"
— Ally P., Poway, CA (Alaska)