Life On Board

Each vessel has a unique personality. But they all share a universal goal—to provide relaxation, comfort, and camaraderie. The ambience is welcoming and casual. The crew call you by name and quickly know your preferences, making you feel right at home. And by the end of the cruise, you and your fellow travelers will feel like one big family.

You’ll be impressed with how enthusiastic and accommodating the crew is. There’s good energy and excitement. The meals are plentiful and scrumptious. It’s a classy, well-run operation. At least that’s what past guests are saying. What they least-expected though, was the bonding. Sharing adventures with people who became friends for life, and meeting so many returning passengers.

Curious about the features, amenities, and inclusions available aboard each vessel? Check out our handy Fleet Comparison Chart.

Who sails with us? Meet some of our guests!

Outer Decks & Inner Spaces

  • An inviting dining room
  • Main lounge or salon (with a variety of board games, books, and DVDs)
  • Observation decks for wildlife viewing and relaxing under the stars
  • Open bridge policy—visit with your captain and mates
  • And possibly, a galley tour (it’s amazing what they do in this space)

Everyone has their preferences, be it solitude or a few laughs with others. And on board, it’s easy to have both. There are quiet nooks and crannies where you can dive into a good book or sketch the passing landscapes. Visit the captain on the bridge and learn about navigation. Or perhaps you’d rather mingle in the lounge or hang out on the bow eyeing the next WOW! moment.

Wellness, Fitness & Relaxation

  • Relax in the on-deck hot tub*
  • Nutritious meals with local ingredients
  • Laps around the deck
  • Fitness equipment and on-deck yoga stretches
  • Active adventure gear for kayaking, paddle boarding, 
snorkeling*, and hiking

*See details on the Small Ship Comparison Chart

Read about our handcrafted meals and beverages on our Dining page. Be forewarned—your mouth may start watering!