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"The ability of a small boat to maneuver into hidden places makes for an unforgettable experience." — Patricia G., Park Ridge, IL (2017)

"The flexibility of the crew so that we could take advantage of all that nature had to offer added greatly to the wonderful itinerary." — Peggy H., Seattle, WA (2016)

“We just returned from the Wilderness Adventure. Spent the whole week trying to come up with a one word description of the trip. Got home and realized I was still "Breathless.” Aside from births and marriages this was without question the grandest experience of our lives.” — Paul A., Palm Beach Gardens, FL (2015)

"This was one of the great experiences of my life, and perhaps the best family experience we have ever had." — Carl R., Tiburon, CA (2014)

"Alaska induced the feeling that all will be well with the world and instilled the child-like feeling of wonderment and awe. All this in the careful and sensitive crew of UnCruise. Untold Thanks!" — Jane S., Australia (2017)

"After traveling to Japan, Thailand and Australia last month, we both agree that hands down this week was the best and most memorable. Overall, very impressed with how you accommodated everyone's needs and wants. You guys are amazing!!" — Amanda and Dan K., Anacortes, WA (2015)

"So extremely impressed with your crew. I also work in the industry of leading tours and often am very critical of crews/guides since I manage crews too, and every single member of the crew impressed me during the trip. Extremely qualified, professional, and friendly crew. Also, pretty blown away with the program you offer guests from very adventurous to very low key. Activities for every skill/activity level. I will recommending these tours to everyone! So Impressed!!!"
Ben E., Douglas, AK (2016)

“I visited Alaska before on a big cruise. I thought that was informative until I arrived on this cruise. I really don’t think the big cruise counts as a visit to Alaska. There is no comparison!” — Ann P., Naperville, IL (2014)

Columbia & Snake Rivers

“Your staff is wonderful! The guides, the boat crew, the stewards, the entire operation is among the very best that we have experienced in our travels.” — Rita B., Rochester, NY (2017)

"This is such a classy, well-run operation. Can't wait to join you again!"— Michaele K., Port Huron, MI (2015)

“Way beyond what I was expecting in service, meals, staff and scenery/history. Thank you so much!” — Carol F., San Jose, CA (2016)

“We had the adventure of a lifetime. We were waited on hand and foot, guided with kindness and efficiency, and surrounded with beauty, breathtaking adventure, history, the best food ever, and lovely companionship. We are most grateful for the awesome opportunities your amazing staff afforded us. Bless you all!” — Walter C., Crestwood, MO (2017)

“Every member of the staff was highly knowledgeable in their subject matter, warm, attentive and friendly. Special thanks to the galley staff for accommodating my celiac disease by providing gluten free meals and treats. Kudos to the staff for making our first cruise experience so delightful and memorable.” — Michael W., Cumberland, RI (2015)

“Great experience. Beautiful scenery, fun crew, and hosts, wonderful food. Made a lot of new friends, had lots of laughs. We would recommend this Cruise to anyone.” — Richard T., Georgetown, TX (2017)

"I love the enthusiasm of your crew and how they worked as a team. Amazing how fast they all learn our names and formed bonds with us."
— Cecile C., Bellevue, WA (2015)

Costa Rica & Panama

“So glad I found UnCruise! Wanted to do the Panama Canal, but not on a huge ship. Then saw that the emphasis was on nature and outdoor activities and I was sold!” — Meg Schwartz, Custer, SD (2017)

“Oh - what a great time we had! Each day we had a unique adventure, we rode the skiffs to amazing places, hiked, snorkeled, kayaked, took about a thousand pictures of land and seascapes, birds and animals...I can't say enough. We also did the post trip, and had an additional 5 days with our fantastic guide, Roy. So, what are you waiting for?” — Carol H., Ladson, SC (2017)

“We had a wonderful time. This was our 2nd UnCruise adventure and we will be back.” — Jim and Holly C., Simpsonville, SC (2016)

“All staff was great…the guides were ‘perfecto!’ I enjoyed my cruise was so great I want to move here (Costa Rica!)…The excursions were amazing!!” — Alaina E., Sandy, UT (2017)

"Thank you for a great trip! This was our 3rd UnCruise and like the others, it was wonderful. Guides were very knowlegeable and pleasant - very friendly crew!" — Myra M., Santa Rosa, CA (2017)


“We went to the Galápagos recently with UnCruise and it was beyond awesome! Oh, my it was incredible, a for sure bucket list trip.” — Sandy S., Dayton, OH (2016)

“The place, the crew, the ship, and the experiences exceed all of our expectations. Galapagos was a definite bucket list destination for both of us, yet all of the reading and researching beforehand still left plenty of opportunities for surprises. If you are into wildlife, there is no better place in our experience to see some of our planet's strangest critters up close. Blue footed boobies doing their courtship dances! Stepping over marine iguanas on the trail! Coming nose-to-snorkling mask with a sea lion! And, of course, the giant tortoises, green sea turtles, etc. Guides were patient, knowledgable, and entertaining, and as always the food was fantastic. This was our third trip with UnCruise, and we will keep coming back for as long as we can.” — Mike and Usha R., Olathe, KS (2017)

"I was so very pleased to be able to participate in so many activities because the crew and staff were so helpful and caring to me with a broken foot. UnCruise is a fabulous experience!" — Helene W., New York, NY (2016)

"We had taken an Alaskan cruise in 2014 and had a wonderful experience with 5 family members. We had 9 family members on this cruise and we feel it met and exceeded our expectations." — Pete T., Plantation, FL (2016)

“Truly one of the best vacations we have ever taken! The ship, the crew, the other guests, and most of all the Galapagos Islands themselves exceeded all of our expectations. We look forward to our next UnCruise trip!” — Marcie H. and Margaret M, Interlaken, NJ (2017)

Hawaiian Islands

“I was beyond impressed and delighted with this experience! I had the time of my life - every day, every activity, every meal - the attention to detail and genuine care of the crew was totally top-notch. I am an Un-cruiser for life! Mahalo!” – Kayla R., Bend, OR (2017)

"On the excursions, every moment was crafted so carefully to be sure that we were safe, enjoyed our experience to the maximum, and treated our host state, Hawaii, with the respect and reverence that it deserves. My husband and I felt so good about how UnCruise interacted with our natural environment." — Carmen F., Diamond Bar, CA (2015)

"What was the highlight of [our] UnCruise Adventure? Sharing adventures with people who suddenly became family." — Anne P., Summerville, SC (2015)

“We cruised from Hawaii to Molokai, with stops on Lanai and Maui. We had opportunities to night snorkel with Manta Rays, day snorkel along the reefs with colorful fish and sea turtles, Kayak along the coastline, and visit historic places along the way, learning about Hawaiian lore and traditions. This was our second cruise with Uncruise, and we've already made a deposit on the next one, destination to be determined!!” — Patrick and Deb A., Seiad Valley, CA (2017)

"Please let the staff know that they truly made our vacation a wonderful experience. Their enthusiasm for all of the activities was fantastic, and contagious. We felt like they were just as excited we were." — Gretchen C., Portland, OR, (2015)

"What really exceeded my expectations was not the lovely scenery, the fun passengers, the varied activities—that was all great, but it was the crew that made my trip amazing." — Debbie A., Portal, AZ (2014)

Mexico's Sea of Cortes

“There were a lot of things I thought I wouldn't like about a cruise. None of them were true. Everything felt very personalized, and the small groups were just the right size. I went from snorkel 101 to swimming with whale sharks in a week! The instructions were very specific, and safety was a priority. I really loved how all of the crew could come on excursions, so there was a diversity of experiences for those of us newbies to try something hard.” — Jessica F., Roslindale, MA (2017)

"This trip exceeded my expectations in every way. I have nothing but glowing praise for this wonderful experience." — Terry E., Florence, KY (2015)

“Great experience, great weather and met some great folks. This was a magnificent way to escape the midwest winter and enjoy an adventure in Baja California.” — Lynn H., Indianapolis, IN (2017)

"When I got onboard I soon met many returning passengers and I quickly saw why - this is perfect! I love the flexibility of the schedule."
— Rosalie M., Cincinnati, OH (2015)

“I tried activities that I had not done in a long time or ever, so I really appreciated the care and patience of the crew to teach or reteach a 66 year old how to enjoy water sports. Because I live in San Diego, I have many opportunities for water sports year round and now I can go back and participate in them with confidence because what the UnCruise crew has taught me.” — Carol H., San Diego, CA (2016)

"So impressed with the food, and we are foodies! Couldn't have asked for more. Love the wine and beer paired meals." — Hannah H., West Midlands, UK (2015)

"I enjoy these cruises because they are casual, everything is taken care of (so no hassle for me) and they have activities I would probably not do on my own." — Barbara C., David, CA (2014)

Pacific Northwest

“Our 5th UnCruise and each one was fantastic. All different in locations but all the same with the preparation that you do to make our trip magical… We love the crews positive attitudes and the effort they make to make our trip so enjoyable. Each trip has exceeded my expectations, and as usual this trip was a wonderful adventure that we’ll always remember.” — Valerie and William R., Manassas, VA (2017)

"Adventure shared is adventure multiplied! The UnCruise was exciting and un-predictable!" — Cameron H., Toronto, ON (2015)

"I love the fact that there are activities offered for all levels of ability and fitness. No pressure or intimidation. Everything I hate about "big" cruises is absent here." — Bernadette R., Orland, CA (2015)

“We were so well taken care of…Thank you. The staff are so well informed and knowledgeable. I learned a lot!” — Pat H., Green Bay, WI (2017)

"This is my fourth cruise with UnCruise! I am happy the company is always developing new adventures. When I'm asked which is my favorite, I reply ‘each is unique and wonderful.’" — Diaritha J., Gainesville, FL (2015)

“Exceeded expectations. Happy crew leads to happy people and trip, perfect for new friendships! Totally spoiled by service and quality. Best trip ever!!!!” — John and Judy M., Mountlake Terrace, WA (2016)

“This was my first cruise on a small ship and I loved it. People know your name. You meet some fascinating people. From the captain down, everyone was as kind and friendly as you could ask for. LOVED IT ALL!" — Eleanor Z., Citrus Heights, CA (2015)

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