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Guest Testimonials

UnCruise Adventures guests, like the ones whose cruise reviews are being quoted on this page, enjoying a skiff ride in Southeast Alaska


“Cannot think of a single thing that would have been better, especially the crew! What knowledge!  What expertise! What kind and interesting souls! Beyond all expectations. I cannot believe the things I get to do — everyone is so encouraging. I learned so much on this tour. Thank you for everything. Worth every penny! Life-changing experiences!” — Jill M., Boise, ID (2019)

"The ability of a small boat to maneuver into hidden places makes for an unforgettable experience." — Patricia G., Park Ridge, IL (2017)

“This was perfect for us! Like everyone we met on board, we would not consider a cruise with thousands to be a vacation. We made friends each night in the lounge and it felt like a dinner party. The flexibility of the captain and our guides was a fantastic touch. Being able to go into places where it was just our boat was very special.” —Richard L., Kamas, UT (2019)

"This was one of the great experiences of my life, and perhaps the best family experience we have ever had." — Carl R., Tiburon, CA (2014)

“Staff were excellent, went out of their way to help you. We were given the opportunity to do varied activities, which was great. Food was good and the serving sizes were just right. … A great holiday, met wonderful people, fitted so much into one week. It was truly a bucket list holiday that exceeded my expectations.” — Deborah M., St Huberts Island, Au (2019)

“I never wanted a ‘Big Boat’ cruise: too many people, too many ship-owned shops. UnCruise provided what I was looking for: great people (staff and other guests), great destination and activities.” — Jeff S., Hooksett, NH (2019)

“Very well-organized and well-managed trip. Loved the reading list, packing list, knew what to expect. The dock and crew assistance with launching kayaks very much appreciated (I have an artificial knee), and made it easy for me to engage in the activity I like best…. Will definitely travel with UnCruise again.” — Carol A., Cumberland Forside, ME (2019)

“An incredible experience we shared with our 13-year-old grandchildren! The entire crew went out of their way to make us feel comfortable.” — Ken & Kathy Hertz, Bellingham, WA (2019)

“Prior to the cruise I was a bit apprehensive. I was coming as a single and wondered if I'd fit in, could I keep up, etc. But these concerns vanished immediately. The atmosphere on board is relaxed and warm.  … I enjoyed all the activities—appreciated having choices…. Overall this trip has inspired me to want to learn more about our environment, and to travel. Thank you!” — Lynn S., Madison, WI (2019)

“Excellent Kayak 101… very encouraging, as we had never tried this before. It led to one of our highlights: our first open paddle! Very friendly, helpful, and cheerful staff/crew in all areas of ship activity. Felt reassured with safety focus.” —Mary H., New Milton, UK (2019)

“The vacation I did not know I needed. Mixture of physical activity, time hiking, bushwhacking, and kayaking were perfectly measured. Crew handled guests of different physical abilities with aplomb. I am very excited to recommend these cruises….” — Sean B., New Orleans, LA (2019)​​​​​​​

“Kayaking and having two humpback whales surface about 15 yards from the kayak my daughter and I were in…. Absolutely something I'll remember the rest of my life, what an experience!  I've been to a lot of places in the world, and have seen a lot of beautiful spots, but your trip through the fjords and the spectacular scenery and wildlife ranks up there.… I'm so glad we have people protecting and keeping it pristine.” — John K., Kronenwetter, WI (2019)​​​​​​​

“I had a terrific time on my first day adventure of bushwhacking… so much fun! Just like being like a kid again.” — Molly K., Sunnydale, CA (2019)​​​​​​​

“This is our third UnCruise. We love the small boat cruise because of their access to nature and personal service.  Bears, humpback whales, eagles, stellar sea lions, otters, Dall’s porpoises, puffins, mountain goats…. and glaciers! The UnCruise guides are highly educated and love nature; they are excited to tell you about everything. Yoga, photo tips, kayak training, gear... they had it all for us!” — Martha V., San Diego, CA (2019)

“It takes a great deal of effort to provide what seems to be effortless…. I have a huge respect for the culture of teamwork that you have built—and believe me, your guests notice and appreciate that culture. Heartfelt thanks to you all for the experience you offer.  May your passion long continue.” — B. J. G., Hong Kong (2019)​​​​​​​

“The staff was exceptional. They truly cared about our experience. They learned our names. The expedition leaders were knowledgeable and fun. They made simple things sound exciting. I was super grateful that they were so helpful and engaging with my grandsons. They never spoke down to them or overlooked them. GREAT experience. Thank you!” —S. Lindy P., Wayzata, MN (2019)​​​​​​​

“Absolutely wonderful adventure in an amazing part of the world. Just loved seeing so much wildlife and awe-inspiring environment. Crew were all brilliant with fantastic attitudes. Nothing was too much [trouble]. Willingness to stop and explore or whale watch just fantastic!” — Steve A., Blackburn, Au (2019)

“The staff were friendly, fun, and knowledgeable. The food was great! The adventure and exploring, with all the INCREDIBLE animals, was wonderful! And we went to places in Alaska where there were no other boats. We saw the beauty, vastness, and wonder of Alaska in a way that felt exclusive and personalized—and the staff team really worked great together to make us feel welcomed and special.” — Joe G., Aurora, CO (2019)​​​​​​​

“Floating through icebergs and boating to wild places opens your soul to all the experience life has to offer. Loved our trip to the Last Frontier.” — Glenda W., Daniels, WV (2019)​​​​​​​

“This was an amazing trip…. Everyone was so helpful, knowledgeable, and fun to be around. The guides were awesome — never making you feel like you were too slow or inexperienced, and always teaching you something. ... really, the whole crew was awesome….” — Kelly T., Cullowhee, NC (2019)​​​​​​​

“Experiencing the wildlife in its habitat was the highlight for me. Seeing birds float by on an iceberg, watching a sea otter lazily float by the ship in the middle of nowhere.  I was on a Kayak 101 excursion and had the most incredible experience of a humpback whale emerging some 50 yards away. It was unbelievable and so exciting!” — Betsy S., Roswell, GA (2019)​​​​​​​

“The crew made you feel like family; the captain was seen throughout the cruise assisting in many chores. Everyone was genuine in their approach to each guest. The respect for wildlife came first, as it should. Their individual dedication to nature, to the captain and boat and guests was outstanding.” — Rich C.,  Gilford, NH (2019)​​​​​​​

“...[The] hotel manager learned kids’ food preferences and made sure their needs were always met. Chef... cooked some of the best food I've ever eaten on a boat. ...Chief mate entertained my son on the bridge for hours, answering all his questions. [The] guide staff...made every adventure unforgettable. Their wealth of knowledge, love of the outdoors, and excitement about the animals and plant life we were seeing together had a potentially life-changing impact on my daughter. Such a great adventure, such a great week, all made possible by an incredibly caring and hard-working crew. I can't thank them enough!” — Brian S., Akron, OH (2019)​​​​​​​

Columbia & Snake Rivers

“The Columbia River trip exceeded our expectations for fun, adventure, and learning more about the Pacific Northwest that we live in! We are exhausted but still smiling from our everyday adventures that we would not have experienced had we been on our own. Your expedition guides are extremely knowledgeable and easy to hang with. All the staff was wonderful and we felt like royalty. I can't finish without commenting on the wonderful food and desserts — YUM! This was our first UnCruise, but it won't be our last.” — Susan S., Tahuya, WA (2018)

“Your staff is wonderful! The guides, the boat crew, the stewards, the entire operation is among the very best that we have experienced in our travels.” — Rita B., Rochester, NY (2017)

“The food [was] spectacular in selection, quality, and portions. The many wine tastings both on land and onboard were more than I expected.” — Rick B., Auburn, CA (2017)

"This is such a classy, well-run operation. Can't wait to join you again!"— Michaele K., Port Huron, MI (2015)

“We had the adventure of a lifetime. We were waited on hand and foot, guided with kindness and efficiency, and surrounded with beauty, breathtaking adventure, history, the best food ever, and lovely companionship. We are most grateful for the awesome opportunities your amazing staff afforded us. Bless you all!” — Walter C., Crestwood, MO (2017)

“Every member of the staff was highly knowledgeable in their subject matter, warm, attentive and friendly. Special thanks to the galley staff for accommodating my celiac disease by providing gluten-free meals and treats. Kudos to the staff for making our first cruise experience so delightful and memorable.” — Michael W., Cumberland, RI (2015)

“Great experience. Beautiful scenery, fun crew, and hosts, wonderful food. Made a lot of new friends, had lots of laughs. We would recommend this cruise to anyone.” — Richard T., Georgetown, TX (2017)

“The wine tasting was wonderful, [and] learning how wine is made was very interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the different landscapes. The fellow passengers were delightful.... Thanks to all for a very special week.” — Nancy E., Hartwell, GA (2017)

“The crew and guides were so wonderful and personable! Loved chatting with all of them. … my favorite activities were hiking the hard-chargers, guided kayaks, rafting, and biking. … Did a great job of always having food/snacks/drinks available. I appreciated that!” — Ally P., Milwaukee, WI (2018)

"I love the enthusiasm of your crew and how they worked as a team. Amazing how fast they all learn our names and formed bonds with us." — Cecile C., Bellevue, WA (2015)

Costa Rica & Panama

“It's like an adult summer camp with all the great friends you didn't know you had.” — Jim M., Baltimore, MD (2019)

“So glad I found UnCruise! Wanted to do the Panama Canal, but not on a huge ship. Then saw that the emphasis was on nature and outdoor activities and I was sold!” — Meg S., Custer, SD (2017)

“Crew was very knowledgeable and diverse in their perspectives but all were extremely accommodating.  Loved having the captain talk to us on her role and navigation logistics—she was impressive.  … [The expedition leader] went above and beyond with making sure that I saw a hawksbill sea turtle (and I am terrified of the water!)... And I am so grateful! It was a lovely achievement for my 70th birthday.” — Gail B., Burlington, IA (2019)

“Oh what a great time we had! Each day we had a unique adventure; we rode the skiffs to amazing places, hiked, snorkeled, kayaked, took about a thousand pictures of land and seascapes, birds and animals... I can't say enough. We also did the post-trip, and had an additional five days with our fantastic guide. So, what are you waiting for?” — Carol H., Ladson, SC (2017)

“The crew were very impressive. I can't recall any of them who were not friendly, helpful, and willing to have a conversation. … I had not snorkeled for a long time and am mildly scared of putting my head in the water. Having very patient crew members to train us (Snorkeling 101) was great.” — John M., Calgary, AB (2019)

"Thank you for a great trip! This was our third UnCruise and like the others, it was wonderful. Guides were very knowledgeable and pleasant — very friendly crew!" — Myra M., Santa Rosa, CA (2017)

“This was a fantastic vacation!...  All the guides were excellent, and their passion and excitement for what they were showing us was obvious and was contagious!... All the staff we encountered was friendly, helpful, and genuine... Everything exceeded my expectations that were already pretty high. You guys rock!” — Teresa T., Seattle, WA (2018)

“Crew was superb! They went out of their way to [make us] feel welcome and made sure our needs were met. The small size of the boat encouraged us to get to know fellow cruisers, and helped us to experience locations that are inaccessible to large boats and land-based tours.” — Tom R., Tacoma, WA (2019)

“I must give extra praise to the chef. The food has always been great on UnCruise, but this was amazing!  Wonderful mix with lots of local flavors. Just a great job by the whole crew.” — Nancy Y., Atlanta, GA (2018)

“Everyone was welcoming and knowledgeable…. I appreciated the opportunities to learn about the environment. I liked that the trip was peaceful, i.e., no constant music or other ‘entertainment.’ Thank you for the high quality of all your staff. Also, as a vegetarian, I was impressed by the vegetarian options.” — Paula G., Oakland, CA (2019)

"Love the small ship experience, would like it again. Will never do another large ship." — Boyd W., Ripon, CA (2018)

“I was amazed at the level of expertise and the passion that the crew showed for what they do. More than that, the kindness and attention shown to us was fantastic. It was as if they invited us into their world and treated us not as customers but as friends and family.” — John E., McDonough, GA (2019)

“Crew was so helpful and supportive of senior citizens. Activities for every fitness level, especially seniors. Pacing excellent —we were kept entertained, but not rushed. Downtime appreciated. ... Friendly, informed crew—they are a font of information and so willing to share it.” — Ellen N., Bremerton, WA (2019)

“Love the local hires with so much experience and knowledge of the area. Excursions were all fun with variety for all. I appreciated areas where concurrent hikes could go to different places or in different directions to avoid pile-ups with groups of different paces. ... Thank you for your support of local groups with important missions.” — Sarah M., Juneau, AK (2019)

“Dear UnCruise, What an amazing week! … The trip was relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. The staff were so dedicated to their work—everyone from the naturalists to the kitchen staff to the pangueros to the boat crew. I am returning to the U.S. inspired by the incredible nature, the dedication of the people to conserve it, and the kindness and hospitality of the crew and people of Panama & Costa Rica. Gracias & Pura Vida.” — Annie H., USA (2019)​​​​​​​


“This journey exceeded my expectations on many levels. Being an educator, I appreciated the expertise and articulation of what we were observing each day. The guides were extremely kind, patient, and knowledgeable…. Additionally, the service was outstanding. ... I felt so at home here.” — Beverly D., Long Valley, NJ (2019)

“The place, the crew, the ship, and the experiences exceed all of our expectations. Galapagos was a definite bucket list destination for both of us, yet all of the reading and researching beforehand still left plenty of opportunities for surprises. If you are into wildlife, there is no better place in our experience to see some of our planet's strangest critters up close. Blue-footed boobies doing their courtship dances! Stepping over marine iguanas on the trail! Coming nose-to-snorkeling mask with a sea lion! And, of course, the giant tortoises, green sea turtles, etc. Guides were patient, knowledgeable, and entertaining, and as always the food was fantastic. This was our third trip with UnCruise, and we will keep coming back for as long as we can.” — Mike and Usha R., Olathe, KS (2017)

"We had taken an Alaskan cruise in 2014 and had a wonderful experience with five family members. We had nine family members on this cruise, and we feel it met and exceeded our expectations." — Pete T., Plantation, FL (2016)

“Truly one of the best vacations we have ever taken! The ship, the crew, the other guests, and most of all the Galapagos Islands themselves exceeded all of our expectations. We look forward to our next UnCruise trip!” — Marcie H. and Margaret M., Interlaken, NJ (2017)

“The naturalists were extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Fantastic ship with many amenities. … we always had everything we needed. Excellent food choices. The crew kept us very busy with four activities per day. We slept very well after such busy days. It was fantastic. Keep up the great work.” — Florence D., Flemington, NJ (2019)

“The entire staff has such passion…. They are kind, caring, and compassionate. This adventure has been the first time I have been sad to go home. The immersion into the Galapagos environment and culture is beyond compare.” — Marsha V., Fernandina Beach, FL (2018)

Hawaiian Islands

“Absolutely an enchanting adventure…. The cultural exchanges were our highlight: the sacred valley of Halawa; the fabulous dinner and entertainment at the museum; our encounters with spinner dolphins; a skiff ride to the turtle sanctuary; the snorkel experience off the Big Island; the taste of freshly cut pineapple; dance party on deck; magical double rainbows; stunning sunsets; the interesting people we met (crew members and passengers); the fun of sharing all our adventures with our friends….” — Kathleen C., Sequim, WA (2019)

“I was beyond impressed and delighted with this experience! I had the time of my life—every day, every activity, every meal —the attention to detail and genuine care of the crew was totally top-notch. I am an UnCruiser for life! Mahalo!” — Kayla R., Bend, OR (2017)

"On the excursions, every moment was crafted so carefully to be sure that we were safe, enjoyed our experience to the maximum, and treated our host state, Hawaii, with the respect and reverence that it deserves. My husband and I felt so good about how UnCruise interacted with our natural environment." — Carmen F., Diamond Bar, CA (2015)

"What was the highlight of [our] UnCruise Adventure? Sharing adventures with people who suddenly became family." — Anne P., Summerville, SC (2015)

“Amazing time together with my family of four (two grown children). Because of the small, intimate groups on the vessel, close friendships were formed. Amazing snorkeling with beautiful coral reefs and abundant fish and sea turtles! Halawa Valley trip was highly impactful. The Pa'ina in the cultural center on the last night was a stunning finish to a great week.” — Susan L., Eagleville, PA (2019)

"What really exceeded my expectations was not the lovely scenery, the fun passengers, the varied activities — that was all great, but it was the crew that made my trip amazing." — Debbie A., Portal, AZ (2014)

“Wonderfully authentic cultural experiences; memorable excursions on land and sea. Educational and inspirational! Impressive and creative cuisine, always a delicious, artistic presentation with exquisite attention to quality of ingredients selections. The crew is amazing — impeccable service imbued with a sincere spirit of aloha and hospitality. UnCruise is extremely fortunate to have such a fabulous cohesive team of crew members!”  — Anna & Danny A., Kailua-Kona, HI (2018)

Mexico's Sea of Cortes

“I am so glad to have gone on this ship. I didn't plan on having such a good time, and I will remember the amazing time I had. Your crew is outstanding and my time on board couldn't have gone better. This has been a true adventure for me and helped grow my spirit for the sea and to explore in the deep unknown. ” — Brian K., Portland, OR (2019)

“Great experience, great weather, and met some great folks. This was a magnificent way to escape the Midwest winter and enjoy an adventure in Baja California.” — Lynn H., Indianapolis, IN (2017)

"When I got onboard, I soon met many returning passengers and I quickly saw why this is perfect! I love the flexibility of the schedule." — Rosalie M., Cincinnati, OH (2015)

“I tried activities that I had not done in a long time or ever, so I really appreciated the care and patience of the crew to teach or reteach a 66-year-old how to enjoy water sports. Because I live in San Diego, I have many opportunities for water sports year-round, and now I can go back and participate in them with confidence because what the UnCruise crew has taught me.” — Carol H., San Diego, CA (2016)

“You totally spoil us!” — Shirley C., Laguna Beach, CA (2019)

“I loved my first UnCruise experience! Exceeded all expectations. Destination Baja is stunning! The crew is exceptional across the board. I love how there is a strong team vibe, with everyone helping everyone. Great attention to safety and comfort. Great focus on daily fun and very well-organized activities. Sharing the week with interesting, well-travelled guests — an added bonus! Camp UnCruise.” — Katey H., Denver, CO (2019)

“When I first found UnCruise, I was looking for a Panama Canal experience that was not on a huge cruise ship. The ‘adventure’ part was a bonus. I didn't expect it to be such a huge bonus! I'm normally much more frugal with my travel dollars, but these experiences are so unique that they're absolutely worth it.” — Meg S., Custer, SD (2018)

“Wowie was this something a bit more special than I expected! I had so many magical moments, fun adventures, and made some really great new friends! A cruise is not a trip I would take on my own accord… but I had a great time on this boat. The crew are all just absolutely amazing. They all went above and beyond to make me the most comfortable. They were all so flexible and sweet about my food allergies. They were all also so very kind and genuinely excited every day and that warmed my heart. ” — Annie K., Olympia, WA (2019)

“All of the guides were fantastic! … This trip inspired me to return to school and finish my degree, all while making incredible memories with my mom. What a special trip!” — Alyssa W., Northport, NY (2019)

“Snorkeling with the sea lions made my top-10-things-I-did list! … Some were swimming right up to our faces to give us an eyeball stare or munching on our flippers.” — Mary Chris G., Westfield, NJ (2019)

“Absolutely fantastic week — much better than expected and memories unlike any other. Staff were incredible at all points. … An incredible week — thanks so much! Hope to see you again soon.” — Joseph S., Ciudad de Mexico, MX

“I am, each time, very impressed by your work, health, and safety standards and practices for both guests and staff alike. All instructions on activities were very clear, pointing out where risks may be and responsibilities and reminding us to be aware of our own realistic capacities…. My eyes are open and impressed. Very enjoyable, relaxing, and safe, from the captain down! Cheers!” — Sara S., Crafers West, Au (2019)

“This type of experience is more to our tastes than large cruise ships or guided land tours. We don't really care to see what everyone thinks you should see. Communing with nature at ITS pace is great.” — Jon O., New Bern, NC (2018)

“There were a lot of firsts on this trip: first snorkel, first whale, first cruise, etc.  Because of this trip, my horizons have expanded. I am re-thinking college, and my future. This voyage showed me how much nature means to me and to the world, and reminded me of how many people miss it. Baja filled me with wonder constantly, and this trip allowed me to see so much of it.” — Susanne W., Annapolis, MD (2018)

“This is my first time with UnCruise and very much enjoyed it. I had not been on a cruise ship for over thirty years. I didn't like it, so took it off of my radar so to speak. The friend that I came with has done two before this one. She insisted that I would love it. Well I did! Thanks to everyone, I will be back. Hope to see some of you again.” — Claudia H., Napa, CA (2019)

“I took this cruise because I love nature ... whales especially, and it didn't disappoint. We were in the midst of sperm whales, along with blue whales, and the wonderful grey whales — I was able to pet a baby who 'spy hopped’ next to my ponga so we could meet. … As an older woman I enjoyed being able to choose activities based on how I felt (physically) that day.” — Joni H., Wayne, IL (2018)

“How is it you can board a vessel and feel like your best friends invited you? … My dogs are my life, but you folks gave me a well-needed vacation with great adventure and happiness—so now it's time to call my spirit back and return to everyday life. THANK YOU for the visit.” — Richard L., Wright City, MO (2019)

Pacific Northwest

“This was my first cruise ever. I was never interested in the ‘big’ cruise ships, so when this opportunity came up and was different than the big cruise ships, I thought I might enjoy it. The trip was fantastic and was more what my wife and I enjoy doing. Hiking and sea kayaking were great. We got outdoors and experienced nature rather than tourist traps like the big ships do. We will definitely book another trip in the future....” — Michael R., Eagle River, AK (2018)

“Exceeded expectations. Happy crew leads to happy people and trip, perfect for new friendships! Totally spoiled by the service and quality. Best trip ever!” — John and Judy M., Mountlake Terrace, WA (2016)

“Our fifth UnCruise and each one was fantastic. All different in locations but all the same with the preparation that you do to make our trip magical.… We love the crews' positive attitudes and the effort they make to make our trip so enjoyable. Each trip has exceeded my expectations, and as usual this trip was a wonderful adventure that we’ll always remember.” — Valerie and William R., Manassas, VA (2017)

“This is a stunningly beautiful trip! Our naturalist shared his knowledge and experiences with us, enriching the journey. The kayaking and hiking were very fun, and skiff rides took us to see intimate details of the coastline and wildlife with a guide. Meals were outstanding, and the entire staff was very helpful, friendly, and professional. UnCruise Adventures are the best! — Pat T., Fort Bragg, CA (2018)

“My wife and I needed a chance to disengage from our everyday activities. No phones or Wi-Fi, plus a very congenial set of guests and crew, was the perfect solution. Excellent leaders on our adventures and a well-paced schedule all added up to a rewarding experience.” — Joseph G., El Cerrito, CA (2018)

"I love the fact that there are activities offered for all levels of ability and fitness. No pressure or intimidation. Everything I hate about 'big' cruises is absent here." — Bernadette R., Orland, CA (2015)

“This was my first cruise on a small ship and I loved it. People know your name. You meet some fascinating people. From the captain down, everyone was as kind and friendly as you could ask for. LOVED IT ALL!" — Eleanor Z., Citrus Heights, CA (2015)

“Thank you for helping to make my 85th year so special. It was wonderful to share this experience with my family. Your help was most appreciated.” — Eileen R., Carpinteria, CA (2018)

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