Guest Testimonials


"This was one of the great experiences of my life, and perhaps the best family experience we have ever had." — Carl R., Tiburon, CA (Alaska, 2014)

“Everything was awesome! Best crew, best views, best adventure. I’m gonna miss this vacation!” — Ally P., Poway, CA (Alaska 2015)

"After traveling to Japan, Thailand and Australia last month, we both agree that hands down this week was the best and most memorable. Overall, very impressed with how you accommodated everyone's needs and wants. You guys are amazing!!" — Amanda & Dan K., Anacortes, WA (Alaska, 2015)

"The meals were plentiful and incredibly scrumptious! Who knew that we'd enjoy such fine dining on our wilderness adventure cruise?!"
Jane S., Denton, TX (Alaska 2015)

"The energy and excitement of the crew was wonderful, liquid sunshine or cloud failure. Nature was good, but the people really made it special."
Melanie O., Redwood City, CA (Alaska 2015)

"Everyone did an amazing job making the boat feel fun and comfortable. Every crew member was friendly, personable, and a huge part of why I enjoyed the cruise as much as I did. The adventure guides, in particular, were amazing, and made every moment fun, exciting and interesting. I definitely plan to sail with UnCruise again!!" — Vince & Andy D., Grove City, PA (Alaska 2015)

“I visited Alaska before on a big cruise. I thought that was informative until I arrived on this cruise. I really don’t think the big cruise counts as a visit to Alaska. There is no comparison!” — Ann P., Naperville, IL (Alaska 2014)

Columbia & Snake Rivers

"This is such a classy, well-run operation. Can't wait to join you again!"— Michaele K., Port Huron, MI (Columbia & Snake Rivers, 2015)

"The evening lectures were well-done and informative, and enhanced our appreciation for the subsequent activities. Kudos to the staff for making our first cruise experience so delightful and memorable." — Michael W., Cumberland, RI (Columbia & Snake Rivers, 2015)

"We had a blast!! And rank this trip among the top 3 in our world class adventures!" — C&B L., Lakeport, RI (Columbia & Snake Rivers, 2015)

"My wife and I had a wonderful honeymoon thanks to the S.S. Legacy and her crew. We will tell all of our friends and family all about this adventure." — Edward W., Dewey, AZ (Columbia & Snake Rivers, 2015)

"I love the enthusiasm of your crew and how they worked as a team. Amazing how fast they all learn our names and formed bonds with us."
— Cecile C., Bellevue, WA (Columbia & Snake Rivers, 2015)

“I have never experienced a more perfect vacation. Thanks to all for producing such a rare and unique experience.” — John A., Mundelein, IL (Columbia & Snake Rivers, 2014)


“We went to the Galápagos recently with UnCruise and it was beyond awesome! Oh, my it was incredible, a for sure bucket list trip.” — Sandy S., Dayton, OH (Galapagos 2016)

"I was so very pleased to be able to participate in so many activities because the crew and staff were so helpful and caring to me with a broken foot. UnCruise is a fabulous experience!" — Helene W., New York, NY (Galapagos 2016)(Hawaii, 2015)

"We had taken an Alaskan cruise in 2014 and had a wonderful experience with 5 family members. We had 9 family members on this cruise and we feel it met and exceeded our expectations." — Pete T., Plantation, FL (Galapagos 2016)

Hawaiian Islands

“The trip has been a ball. Great crew, great food, lots of fun snorkeling, kayaking. UnCruise (Adventures) is a super company.” — Bob L. & Vicki K., Manhattan Beach, CA (Hawaii, 2015)

"On the excursions, every moment was crafted so carefully to be sure that we were safe, enjoyed our experience to the maximum, and treated our host state, Hawaii, with the respect and reverence that it deserves. My husband and I felt so good about how UnCruise interacted with our natural environment." — Carmen F., Diamond Bar, CA (Hawaii, 2015)

"What was the highlight of [our] UnCruise Adventure? Sharing adventures with people who suddenly became family." — Anne P., Summerville, SC (Hawaii, 2015)

"Please let the staff know that they truly made our vacation a wonderful experience. Their enthusiasm for all of the activities was fantastic, and contagious. We felt like they were just as excited we were." — Gretchen C., Portland, OR, (Hawaii, 2015)

"What really exceeded my expectations was not the lovely scenery, the fun passengers, the varied activities—that was all great, but it was the crew that made my trip amazing." — Debbie A., Portal, AZ (Hawaii, 2014)

Mexico's Sea of Cortés

"This trip exceeded my expectations in every way. I have nothing but glowing praise for this wonderful experience." — Terry E., Florence, KY (Mexico, 2015)

"When I got onboard I soon met many returning passengers and I quickly saw why - this is perfect! I love the flexibility of the schedule."
— Rosalie M., Cincinnati, OH (Mexico, 2015)

"So impressed with the food, and we are foodies! Couldn't have asked for more. Love the wine and beer paired meals." — Hannah H., West Midlands, UK (Mexico, 2015)

"What a great experience! Very impressive crew—energetic, super service-oriented, evident they enjoy working together." — Dave C., Seattle, WA (Mexico, 2015)

"As much as the activities were fun, it is the top quality nature of all of Un-Cruise's people that make this trip special." — Carl R., Tiburon, CA (Mexico, 2015)

"I enjoy these cruises because they are casual, everything is taken care of (so no hassle for me) and they have activities I would probably not do on my own." — Barbara C., David, CA (Mexico, 2014)

Pacific Northwest

"Adventure shared is adventure multiplied! The UnCruise was exciting and un-predictable!" — Cameron H., Toronto, ON (Pacific Northwest, 2015)

"I love the fact that there are activities offered for all levels of ability and fitness. No pressure or intimidation. Everything I hate about "big" cruises is absent here." — Bernadette R., Orland, CA (Pacific Northwest, 2015)

"This was our second cruise with you. Really enjoyed it - the crew members are simply fabulous!" — James N., Leucadia, CA (Pacific Northwest, 2015)

"This is my fourth cruise with UnCruise! I am happy the company is always developing new adventures. When I'm asked which is my favorite, I reply ‘each is unique and wonderful.’" — Diaritha J., Gainesville, FL (Pacific Northwest, 2015)

“This was my first cruise on a small ship and I loved it. People know your name. You meet some fascinating people. From the captain down, everyone was as kind and friendly as you could ask for. LOVED IT ALL!" — Eleanor Z., Citrus Heights, CA(Pacific Northwest, 2015)

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